August 27, 2014


In three days, I'll be 38 years old. And while 38 doesn't actually constitute "old" in my book, there are some things I've learned. I only wish I'd gotten most of these when I was "younger". What are they?

1. Be yourself - in every situation.
2. Love wildly.
3. Admit when you're wrong.
4. Shut up when you're right.
5. Never sell yourself short.
6. Never let anyone negate your value.
7. Find God - early in life.
8. Turn to God - regularly in life.
9. Rely on God - constantly through life.
10. Find the right woman (she'll make you a better man)
11. Get involved in the church. And stay involved.
12. Test yourself.
13. Don't give up on yourself.
14. Be the kind of friend you want to have.
15. Become part of something bigger than yourself.
16. Never think you've arrived.
17. Never look down on other people.
18. Play. A lot. 
19. Laugh. Even more. 
20. Don't be afraid to cry.
21. But don't cry too much. 
22. Learn to shoot - and learn to shoot well.
23. Love your country. 
24. Be willing to die for it. 
25. Read. A lot.
26. Don't believe everything you read. 
27. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. 
28. When you make mistakes, learn from them. 
29. Ask questions. 
30. Pray the right prayers (hint: they're not about you.)
31. Teach someone something. 
32. Never stop learning. 
33. Find something to be in awe of every day. 
34. Don't be afraid to get messy.
35. Learn to trust.
36. Stay humble.
37. Listen more than you talk.
38. Realize there's more to life than what you think.

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